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Dabizzi Baling Systems

Solutions to the problems of packaging, waste fiber recovery, handling and transportation of goods in the textile field and beyond.
About us

Dabizzi Baling Systems

Dabizzi Baling Systems has always been dedicated to the study and construction of machinery suitable for solving storage and transportation problems.

Our company operates mainly in the textile industry, but thanks to the experience gained over the years, it is now able to provide excellent solutions to the problems of packaging, waste fiber recovery, as well as the handling and transportation of goods, common to many industries.

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Pit baler

Pit balers are the focus of our production.

Characterized by small size, great simplicity of load, high pressure, semplicity of strapping, are always the preferred solution for pressing all kind of materials.

Dabizzi Baling Systems

Our machinery

Pit baler

An efficient and versatile solution for compressing materials.

External balers - Downstroke presses

Save space, reduce transportation costs, and make materials easier to handle and store

Cutting and mutilating machines

A selection of tools to precisely cut and finish any material.

Loading ramps

Safe, durable and versatile-our ramps are the reliable partner you've been looking for.

Sorting plants

State-of-the-art sorting facilities designed to optimize and automate the process of sorting your products.


Rugged and durable, our mechanical capacitors are the ideal solution for ensuring efficiency and longevity in industrial applications.


Revolutionize your production with our state-of-the-art solutions to make your processes more efficient, faster and more reliable.

Customized systems or special applications

Our technical office is available to the customer to solve logistical problem, storage and pressing of materials, even with customized systems or special applications.

impianti sistema stoccaggio dabizzi

News and updates

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