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About us

Since 1949 dedicated to the study and construction of machinery suitable for solving storage and transportation problems

Textile and beyond

Founded in 1949 by Silvano Dabizzi, the company over the years has deserved its prestigious role in the field of building presses and machinery suitable for solving storage and transportation problems.

DABIZZI BALING SYSTEMS is the leading company in the field of storage, ables to provide solutions to the problems of baling, waste fiber recycling, handling and transport of goods in the textile field and beyond.

Growing up by maintaining a direct relationship with customers, DABIZZI BALING SYSTEMS have attracted the attention of many textile industries and paper mills in many countries around the world over the years.

In addition to a specialized team in terms of maintenance and service, DABIZZI BALING SYSTEMS can build presses with a pressure capacity from 10 to 600 tons and a production speed up to 150 bales per hour.

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