Automation Automation

All the machines for the industrial automation, to solve any problem of storage and processing of materials. From plaiters to tilters, from palletizing systems to welding machines, the product catalog is always on the rise and ready to meet every need.

Sorting plants Sorting plants

Our sorting plants are designed to allow an easy use and great ergonomics. Thanks to their structure can be used for both productions focused on the quantity and quality. Customizable in every aspect, these plants are the best solution for the companies that want to increase their production line.

Pit balers Pit balers

Pit balers are the most important piece of our production. Characterized by small size, great simplicity of load, high pressure, semplicity of strapping, are always the preferred solution for pressing all kind of materials.

Double compacting / two ram balers Double compacting / two ram balers

These presses are the best compromise between ease of use and speed of production. The loading door and the output side are designed to make packaging operations very easy. These machines can be positioned on wheels to be moved to different areas of the warehouse according to the needs of production. Are provided by a long list of options.

Free standing / downstroke presses Free standing / downstroke presses

This is the best choice for all the companies looking for an "easy-to-use" machine: very flexible and easy to move, can work with any material. Contact us for a personalized offer based on your production!

Horizontal balers Horizontal balers

These machine are used mostly in the waste and paper industry: no-stop work cycle and automatic strapping system.

Tow balers Tow balers

The tow balers sector is under continuous updating and innovation: our tourning machines, with dedicated DF300 plaiters, are designed to give outstanding production and strength. With our programs specifically designed the customer can constantly monitor and adjust the optimal parameters for the production.

Bump presses Bump presses

This series of machines is made to be used with bumps and coils. Available for ø40, ø60, ø80 and ø110. Possibility of adding automatic strapping system and automatic loading system.

Chopping and mutilating machines Chopping and mutilating machines

The DTR machines are designed to cut used clothes continuously. Thanks to the multiple blades, give more precise cut, high speed loading, and a free-maintenance action.

Conveyor belts Conveyor belts

Our conveyor belts are used for the transport of solid materials, dusty materials, metallic materials, etc...thanks to their system that guides the belt and protects bearings from dirt, are designed for heavy duty. Customizable with a long list of options such as metal detectors and pre-pressing cylinder.

Loading ramps Loading ramps

Loading ramp is used to load/unload with a lift the package inside the container. Thanks to its reinforced and certified structure, are guaranteed to sustain even the most extreme loads. Customizable with an endless array of options, is the most reliable and secure solution for the transit of forklifts from the ground to the load floor.

Cutters Cutters

Cutters for trim used clothes. Easy to be used, and completely safe. With their system of sharpening and dust extraction, are an essential choice for the production of rags.

Trolley, Carts Trolley, Carts

Completely made in Italy, our trolley are made with the best a strongest profiles and steel grates, in order to ensure the structural integrity in all working conditions. Browse the catalog of standard carts, or contact us to realize your custom trolleys.

Plaiters Plaiters

The plaiter is designed to give incredible efficiency and endurance. Is used to fill in a uniform way the pressing box of our baling machines. Fully automated and assembled with corrosion resistant materials.

Condensers Condensers

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