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DABIZZI BALING SYSTEMS offers many products for industrial automation, to solve any problem of storage and transformation of materials. Thanks to decades of experience, it is able to offer many customized solutions for automation.

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Strapping systems

The experience in the packaging industry allows us to offer customized strapping systems with PP or PPE devices, for packaging of bales, bundle, bags, etc..

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Thanks to the experience in the packing industry, Dabizzi has developed a very smart and accurate constructive method of welding bars. Customizable in size and

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Our tilters are used for various applications: laad the baling machines, feed conveyor belts, raising of bump after drying, etc… Made with the finest hydraulic

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Palletizing systems

Our palletizing systems are completely custom made under customer request: our engineers, with decades of experience on automatization, can provide immediate solutions to any problem

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Conveyor belts

Dabizzi conveyor belts are used to move solid, dusty, ferrous…materials. They have been designed to work in extreme conditions: thanks to the systems of canvas

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The plaiters are designed to give incredible efficiency and endurance. This plaiters are made of steel and high-strength materials, and offer great flexibility in all

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Completely made in Italy, our trolley are made with the best a strongest profiles and steel grates, in order to ensure the structural integrity in

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