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Pit baler

Pit balers are the most important piece of our production. Characterized by small size, great simplicity of load, high pressure, semplicity of strapping, are always the preferred solution for pressing all kind of materials.

Pit baler D3

D3 is a pit baler designed to load material directly from trolley: tops,tow,fibers, etc… The upper part of the machine in movable, to allows big

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Pit baler D2

The D2 is a model extremely comfortable and versatile. This pit baler has the lifting box, and thi makes D2 suitable to press slippery materials.

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Pit baler D1-W

The D1-W has been designed for all companies looking for a machine capable of large productions, at an affordable price, and with excellent ease of

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Pit baler D1

Our line of pit baler begins with the D1, a model extremely comfortable and versatile. Thanks to its design, the loading of the material is

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